What does being inspected involve?

What does being inspected involve?

All raw pet food manufacturers claim that their food only comes from inspected sources at some level. That may indeed be the case however the issue is what happens at their facility. Safe food handling should be taken seriously at every level.

CARPFM has a set of food manufacturing guidelines that manufacturers should use to develop their own good manufacturing practice (GMP) On an annual basis an independent human food inspector reviews the GMP and compares it to the requirements of the CARPFM guidelines, inspects the facility, inspects the process and all related documents.

As members in good standing we are required to have:

*proper labeling as set out by the government of Canada
*all claims made on the label must be verifiable
*all staff certified in food safety
*have a pest control protocol
*building and facility must be free of litter, weeds, brush, stagnant water, leaks
*do routine microbiological testing of both product and environment
*have water quality assessments
*have proper sanitization protocols in place
*have a well defined workflow design to prevent cross-contamination
*all equipment and material that food contacts is certified as food safe
*all equipment is easily disassembled to ensure proper sanitation
*have a well defined sanitation standard operating procedure
*all sanitization material/cleaners are certified as food safe
*have an inspection of all raw material protocol
*fully developed recall program, mock tests are done annually

Independent inspector will have free access to all areas of the facility and all documents, in order to complete their inspection.

Full guidelines and assessment criteria
are available in the notes section of Canadian Association of Raw Pet Food Manufacturers facebook page and website. http://www.carpfm.com



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