Alison Peloquin, And Her Beloved Noel Socks


This Testimony Tuesday, we are honored to share the story of Noel Socks. Alison Peloquin was generous to open up and tell her story of how they became Raw Feeders. Her and her Husbands goal is to help as many people switch to Raw by sharing their experience, just as somebody helped them when they were in need.

This story is a great example of how important it is as a community to help and encourage each other and share your story with a Pet Parent in need, you never know you may just save a dog’s life!

“Noel Socks was a beloved dog who shared her life between our family & close friends. Socks came to live with us in October 2011 after not adjusting to a move with her family to Northern Ontario. This fun loving little European Boxer, touched many people across this country & around the world; with the personal journey of discovery she took me on. Learning all things raw & holistic.

Just shortly after Noel Socks turned 5 we found ourselves discussing concerns with our vet about the stiffness in her left hind end, the urine infection she seemed to have developed, the large black fur less spots that had developed & also the sudden rapid weight gain. After a thorough check we were told that there was nothing major wrong & that these were the usual signs of a senior boxer. I left that visit feeling overwhelmed & concerned as to me a “senior” dog is a double digit aged dog. Shortly after this visit we met an amazing dog breeder/groomer who took one look at Noel Socks & confirmed for us there was a major problem. Long story short, Socks was one of the countless dogs affected by the tainted kibble era & was suffering from thyroid issues that would have killed her. Raina Addy of “Best Friends & Raina’s Grooming” took the time to educate us on the benefits of raw & introduced us to Mountain Dog Food’s many products. This comparison picture was done as our way of educating people about the journey we undertook with Noel Socks to “repair” the damage done.

Raw feeding became a simple everyday event in our house & although Noel Socks lost her battle with illness in September 2016 the lessons learned from her helped educate people around the world who began to follow her story on Facebook. Her legacy to us has been one of opening doors to meet, learn, & share the values of raw feeding & also of holistic medical care. These lessons have now been applied to Caoilainn our new little bundle of Boxer energy.”

Thanks for reading! I hope Alison’s story has inspired you to share your story next time your at the dog park or at the pet store, or wherever you meet another Pet Parent!

From your Fellow Raw Feeders At Mountain Dog Food! 

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