Julee Enman and Healing Lulu

 Happy Testimony Tuesday! For those of you who are new to our page, I’ll give you a brief explanation. Most pet owners who switch their dogs to raw have a story. A story that entails, love, change, overcoming, and an assortment of qualities that are unique to each family. So, once a month we put a fellow raw feeding pet parent in the spotlight to hopefully inspire some pet parents to take that leap of faith and better a pets life. This month we are honored to share the story of Lulu, a bulldog from Beaumont Alberta, who was living with a problem that plagues a lot of pets today, itchy skin. Thankfully Julee Enman(her mom) had some ‘who luck’,  which lead to her finding a solution, feeding raw. Read their story below!

Lulu before and after switching to raw

“We got Lulu back in 2012, from the time we brought her home she had been eating puppy kibble, and everything seemed fine. However, when she got a bit older we began to notice some issues. The inside of her ears, her stomach, even the pads of her feet would always be broke out and itchy. We took her to the vet many times and tried out a new food every time as all signs pointed to allergies. But after trying countless dry foods we were unable to find the right one for Lu. It wasn’t until we took her to her amazing trainer that she introduced us to raw and recommended Mountain dog food. The change in her symptoms, physical appearance, and even her behavior was amazing! She was a whole new healthy dog. She has been eating Mountain Dog Food ever since, and when we brought home our new English bulldog puppy back in October he went right to a raw diet as well!”
                                                                                                                                                     Julee Enman

I hope you’re inspired by their story. I hope that their story helps you take action! Whether it be switching your dog to a raw diet or sharing the solution to your fellow pet parents, either way, you’re helping pets live a better life.
Thank you, Julee, for sharing your story, we solute you for joining us in the invisible trenches for our pets!

From all of us at Mountain Dog Food, Have a tail wagging day!  

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