The Loewens Story To Healthier, Cleaner Dogs!

Happy Testimony Tuesday! For those of you who are new to our page, I’ll give you a brief explanation. Most pet owners who switch their dogs to raw have a story. A story that entails, love, change, overcoming, and an assortment of qualities that are unique to each family. So, once a month we put a fellow raw feeding pet parent in the spotlight to hopefully inspire some pet parents to take that leap of faith and better a pet’s life. This month we are honored to share the story of Kodi, Maggie, and the Loewens Family.

The Loewens family hails from the magnificent Carstairs Alberta. They like many Pet owners saw their dog with some bad habits, one of these was pooping! And Kodi like most large breed dogs had large frequent poops. With all joking aside, yard cleanup can be a rough and unpleasant time, especially in the early spring. for those of us with small dogs it can be hard to imagine what cleaning up after a large dog that is on kibble can be like. Imagine if there where multiple poops in your yard the size of your dog… It is a crappy situation! But for the Loewens they, fortunately, had some who luck! A friend of their shared a solution to helping their dog digest better, as you read their story you’ll see the solution was and is feeding Raw!

“My husband moved our dogs over to Mountain Dog Food years ago after inheriting a second dog and realizing how much work it was to clean up after them. He and a few of his friends were discussing dog food brands when one of them mentioned that he had his dog on MDF. His dog had stomach issues and he talked about how much better it was than any kibble he had tried. He had done some research and spoke of how it was more like what the dog’s wolf ancestors ate and that it made more sense than what was in any other food. He also talked about the fact that it made for much smaller poops that were easier to clean up and then hubby was sold! We have had three dogs on MDF and will continue to use it in the future for any other dogs we may adopt.” 

                                                                                                                                Phillipa Louwen 



I bet their story resonated with you because we all have to pick up after our dogs, Raw just makes it easier! It goes to show how good Raw is for their digestion. I also hope that their story helps you take action! Whether it be switching your dog to a raw diet or sharing the solution to your fellow pet parents, either way, you’re helping pets live a better life.
Thank you, Phillipa, for sharing your story, we solute you for joining us in the invisible trenches for our pets!

From all of us at Mountain Dog Food, Have a tail wagging day!

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