The Zubicks Story of How Feeding Raw Lead to Love!

Happy Testimony Tuesday! For those of you who are new to our page, I’ll give you a brief explanation. Most pet owners who switch their dogs to raw have a story. A story that entails, love, change, overcoming, and an assortment of qualities that are unique to each family. So, once a month we put a fellow raw feeding pet parent in the spotlight to hopefully inspire some pet parents to take that leap of faith and better a pet’s life. This month we are honored to share the story of the Flying Furballs very own Luke and Kathy Zubick!

Luke & Logan

Luke, Kathy and their pack of dogs are living it up in Paris Ontario, They joined each other on their dogs Journey and found each other through it! Read this amazing couples story of how sharing the solution led to a happily married couple!

Kathy and Aoife at a dock diving competition

“Several years ago I was struggling to find a decent commercial kibble dog food that my dogs did well on. If it wasn’t runny poops, they were vomiting……keeping weight on some of my active sport dogs at the time was a challenge as well. Knowing a little bit about the raw food diet I began to research a few different companies with the main goal being decent quality, but not super expensive as I had several mouths to feed! – Kathy



On April 4, 2003, I purchased my first pup “Logan” from a farm. We instantly bonded and I wanted the best for him. I always knew there was better food out there then the kibbles that were marketed, but I did not know enough to make an informed choice.

Finally, in 2007, I met a young lady who was a vet tech. I noticed her dogs were all very healthy and energetic and I asked her what she fed. She introduced me to Mountain Dog food. – Luke


I was drawn to Mountain dog food, because of the consistency of the ground meat and the price was affordable! You can see veggies and meat and it smells like chicken! (the formula I was using at that time). – Kathy


I researched it and was very pleased to know that they started making food, not to make money, but as a healthy meal for their own beloved pups. Then they transferred that care and quality into their commercial food. Their food was top quality and their safety standards were far above and beyond what they are legally required to be.- Luke


My dogs immediately started doing better on the food, and the rest is history! – Kathy


I ended up marrying that young lady and all our dogs became family. We participate in many different sports, Dock Diving, Flyball, Disc trials, Scent detection, Lure course, Agility, and many more. We even perform some small shows with our pups. Through it all, we are secure in the knowledge that they are being fed the best food for their active lifestyle. – Luke




To this day all of our dogs are on MDF and continue to thrive into their senior years, we have 3 dogs currently over the age of 13 and all are doing exceptionally well people hardly believe their ages! I have directed many people to this brand as I truly believe it is one of the best out there and I have proof by example! 🙂 – Kathy

Logan is now 14 years old and still going strong. Anyone who meets him is very impressed with his youthful energy. Thank you, MDF! – Luke”


You can meet Luke and Kathy at most dog sporting events in ON, they continue to be lights in the dog community spreading the solution to fellow pet parents, and providing the best possible life to their furry family members. I hope you were inspired by their story and who knows, you might meet your soul mate next time you share the solution!

Rubix Cube






The Flying Furballs!

From all of us here at Mountain Dog Food, have a tail wagging day!

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