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From Wreck to Rec!

Is your dog bored? Most dogs lie around the house all day, waiting for us to get home from work. Even if you bring them to work as George is, your dogs probably still get a lot of downtime(much like George chooses to). That’s one of the reasons dogs really (like REALLY) look forward to dinner …

Lest We Forget – Gander, The Big Fluffy War Hero

A Dog’s loving nature and loyalty can inspire acts of bravery. This has made them a fixture on the battlefield since the days of the Ancient Egyptians. As such, during both World Wars dogs fought along soldiers and a memorable example of this comes from a Canadian dog during World War II. Sergeant Gander was a Newfoundland dog …

2017 Q4 HACCP Canada certification

Once again it is our pleasure to forward a copy of our quarterly HACCP Canada inspection certification.  HACCP is an international human food safety standard. Mountain Dog is dedicated to providing an affordable, quality raw food, manufactured to the highest food safety standards.   Pet food that is safe for your pet and your family