Primary Medicinal Uses
Cleansing the blood, stimulation of the liver and gallbladder, diuretic and nutritive
A strong tincture of fresh or dried root is most effective. Alternatively, a glycerin extract can be used or dried burdock root can be decocted.
Common Uses

Burdock is a great nutritive, with many nutrients to support liver function and cleansing.

Burdock can be used as a specific treatment for psoriasis or eczema.

Can be useful in treatment of arthritis, rheumatoid disorders, inflammation of the kidney, bladder disease.

Has an additional diuretic function to help eliminate wastes from the body.

Burdock can help remove pesticides and pollutants from the bloodstream before they cause harm, due to the chemical elements within the plant. It is also high in free-radical scavengers, which prevent carcinogens from causing damage.

Overall, burdock is an excellent liver tonic, and is a great supplement to any diet.


Burdock can be used liberally, as there is no toxicity associated with this herb. Talk to your veterinarian for recommendations on amounts.

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