Primary Medicinal Uses
Warming and reddening the skin, dilation of blood vessels, stopping bleeding, counterirritant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, strengthening tissue
Dried and powdered fruits in gel capsules are best for internal uses. Whole or powdered fruits can be used to make oil infusions, salves, ointments or tinctures. Capsaicin creams and ointments are also available at drug stores.
Common Uses

Capsicum is very useful as a peripheral vasodilator, which can help warm the body and increase circulation when taken internally. Therefore, cayenne is useful for treating impaired blood circulation. It can also help dilate compressed vessels causing continuously cold paws.

Capsicum can also improve pulmonary efficiency in animals with hypostatic pneumonia or other conditions where blood flow to the lungs is impaired.

Topically, capsicum can help stiff or arthritic joints, and provides some degree of nerve blocking to prevent pain from being felt. It can also help reduce inflammation.

Capsicum can also help stop bleeding from claws clipped too short, or other minor wounds that are not coagulating.


For internal use, administer capsicum via a gel capsule once per day.

For topical use, apply cream or ointment as per the instructions.

For stopping bleeding, apply ground cayenne or capsicum powder directly to the site of injury.

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