Primary Medicinal Uses
Skin soothing, protection of internal mucous membranes, diuretic, tonic
Fresh whole plant, fresh juice of plant, water or oil infusion, salves, ointments.
Common Uses

Chickweed is excellent for helping sooth minor irritations. It can also help lubricate and protect the upper digestive tract.

Chickweed can help with lubrication and expulsion of hairballs.

It can also help treat mild cases of colitis or irritated stomach linings.


For a convenient way to store the plant’s juices, juice enough of the fresh plants to fill an ice-cube tray, then freeze it. The cubes can last up to three months if kept in a resealable bag in the freeze. When needed, thaw a cube and use the juice as required.

For minor esophageal irritations, feed the whole fresh plant.

For treating minor burns and skin irritations, use a chickweed poultice.

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