Feeding Puppies
Weaning from Mom

Once the puppies are mobile and their eyes are open (around 3 and half weeks) they can be introduced to chicken backs. You can give each puppy 1 to 2. Necks can be used for smaller breeds but are not ideal for larger breeds.

Allow the puppies to play with the backs for 10 to 15 minutes, then let mom into the whelping box to clean up the food. Continue this process for 4 to 5 days.

After 4 to 5 days, the puppies can be introduced to their first meal of ground chicken (with bone-in). After 1 to 2 weeks of plain chicken, vegetables and fruit can be introduced either with the chicken or on their own. Other varieties of meat can be introduced slowly.

By 7 weeks, the puppies should be eating whatever Mom is having. Their diet should consist of a wide variety of meats, bones, vegetables, fruits, eggs and organ meats.

Once Mom has stopped nursing the puppies, supplements (as listed on the right) can be added to their meals.

Switching From Dry or Canned Food

When making the transition to raw food it is best to do so with cold turkey. Never mix dry or canned food with raw food. These foods are primarily grain based and are digested at a different rate than raw food. Mixing them forces the digestive system work harder to digest the meal and may lead to health problems.

Some new owners may choose to delay the switch a few days to allow the puppy to adjust to the stresses of a new home before changing to a different diet. However, if your puppy has come from a breeder that feeds raw this is not a concern; your breeder can tell you what the puppy has been fed so far.

Start with a simple diet such as ground chicken or turkey with vegetables and fruit for the first couple of weeks. Both options should include ground bone material giving your dog access to essential minerals such as calcium. When you start to add variety to their diet, do it gradually. This allows you the time to assess how your dog is dealing with each new food. If your dog has issues with one particular food or supplement it will be much easier to pinpoint the problem.

Basic Diet
Additional Meals

Bones (chicken backs or necks; turkey necks)

Organ Meats (liver, kidney, heart, gizzards and tripe)

Alternate Meat Sources (chicken, turkey, beef, fish)

Additional Vegetables and Fruit

Supplement Options

Sea Kelp


Raw Eggs

Plain Yogurt or Cottage Cheese