Primary Medicinal Uses
Astringent, diuretic, antimicrobial, boosts kidney function, lowers blood sugars, tonic
Decoction, tincture, whole berries
Common Uses

Juniper can be used to treat diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It can also be used to treat edema and arthritis, cystitis and infections of the urinary tract.

Juniper can also be used to prevent infection and disinfect.

Juniper boosts kidney function by increases glomerular filtration rate, which allows for improved filtration and cleaning of the blood.

Juniper can be used to relieve itchy or infected skin when applied topically.


For relief of itchy or infected skin, make a decoction and cool it, dilute with enough water to give the appearance of a weak tea, then pour the liquid over the dog or cat until they are thoroughly soaked. Avoid getting the mixture into the eyes.

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