Why Choose a Raw Diet?
Dogs' and cats' digestive systems were designed to eat mainly a raw meat diet. A raw diet provides a range of benefits for both your pet and you!
Benefits of Feeding Raw
There are many benefits you will see in your pet if you decide to feed raw.
Downsides of Kibble

The roots of processed commercial dog food can be founded in the 1860s. James Spratt noticed the dogs at London’s docks being fed hardtack biscuit and thought he could do better. He made a biscuit that consisted of wheat, vegetables, beetroot and beef stock. Eventually other dog food companies started up.

Kibble has developed over the years with an eye more towards marketing and convenience than nutritional needs of your pets. The majority of brands are owned by larger parent companies that own several different brands that might all be produced from the same factory.

Kibble is essentially a salt starch cracker coated with rendered protein and fats. Then sprayed with palate enhancers to make it appetizing to the dogs.